Suseong University announces campus dedicated to blockchain

In South Korea, Suseong University has entered into an agreement with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (KORAIA) to build a blockchain and artificial intelligence campus in the city of Daegu.

According to the announcement published on the information portal Money Today, Suseong University’s new department will begin accepting new students by 2021.

COVID-19 represents an opportunity for blockchain growth.
Kim Kun-woo, director of the University’s Planning and Coordination Division, was enthusiastic about the announcement: in his opinion, after the crisis caused by COVID-19 the world began a rapid transaction to a blockchain and AI-based company.

The announcement also reveals that several blockchain companies will develop training programs and share their experience in the industry with students.

South Korea strongly interested in blockchain

The South Korean government continues to maintain a strongly positive stance towards blockchain technology.

Last month, Koo Yun-cheol, vice minister of strategy and finance, said that the blockchain market represents „a golden opportunity“ for South Korea:

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is expected to grow by an average of 80% per year. It is gaining competitive support from many foreign countries, as it could become a very promising technology for the future“.

In March, the South Korean government announced the allocation of $3.2 million to finance local start-ups in the blockchain industry.